Sunday, June 13, 2010

EUR USD Market Report 13062010

Trend bearish all time frames, but test this week  important suport monthly box [1.1575,1.1890].
Until now any signal for a temporary bottom at this levels, but i change my view this week,  Strong Bearish to Bearish neutral, because this cross test  important suport/box montly chart.
Key number short-term 1.2350 below key expect new lows target 1.1750 ( look to chart fibonacci areas>> perfect testing upside and dowside).
Last session possible temporary top is formed  1.2152 because for now, resistance hourly range [1.2154,1,2165] and daily chart [1,2154,1,2178].
If close hourly above 1.2178  new resistance range [1.2233,1.2250].
Suport hourly 1,20 and  range [1.1940,1960]. Close hourly below 1.1960 expect more damage first target last low 1.1875 and second target 1.1750.
Nothing new follow the pattern of last weeks. Pattern??
Looking to daily chart EURUSD  tested  friday last suport box now resistance this pattern have 6 weeks.
Friday test  EMA 21 represent for now important resistance.
Click to zoom in. Good luck folks.

EURUSD Monthly
EURUSD Daily Chart


EURUSD Daily Chart
EURUSD 60 minutes



  1. Carlos, when I plot the EMA 21 on the daily scale, the line comes out as shown, quite a bit higher, which EMA are you quoting in your post>?

  2. Thank you for your comment is so deep, on my blog at In the analysis, I created a mathematical system for calculating the approximate direction of the trade that will happen next, in this case I use to estimate trading GBP - JPY and yet I use for other trades (it's not impossible for other trades), so an explanation about the direction of trade is going to happen, is not as deep as the way your's, but can make a general picture about the direction of trade that is more easily understood by ordinary people. While for the analysis of trade EUR - USD which included (at the bottom of my blog) is a simple analysis to estimate the direction of trade in a month.
    Hopefully, we can complement each other and strengthen the analysis to obtain a better analysis. Keep on fighting :)


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