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I know that there are some 1-2 lot traders who are still struggling to be consistent.
I know If you are a new trader you don`t have a trading plan don't know what elements use to have success.
If you need help to identify importance area with risk management..path to consistency better you join to us.


Gold Members what you get:

- • Real time trade alerts, entry, stops, take profit targets & trade management
- • Daily Institutional Research notes from major FX Banks & Funds
- • There are at least 8 currency pairs, 4 major commodities and 5 major equity indices that we follow and print regular updates, 60 minutes key levels area, Daily chart and weeky ( big picture);
- • If you trade CFD`s about Spx500, Ndx100, Dax30, Gold, Silver, Crude come to the right place. 
- • Alert signal SYTEM SPX EOD

- • 3 months $210
- • 6 Months  $420 price includes 1 month free;
- • 12 Months - $800 price includes 2 month free;

Why 3 months, 6 months or 12 months because I have to send taxes every time there is a payment.
You can subscription just one month? yes, possible only to gold members:

The Price is $85 per month which I think is an incredible deal, and you can have better price check below:
All members that made six months subscription we offer 1 month free and annual subscription offer 2 months free:

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Silver Members - What you get:
This service what I call - Updates High Frequency
- • There are at least 4 currency pairs, 2 major commodities and 4 major equity indices that we follow and print regular updates, 60 minutes key levels area, Daily chart and weeky ( big picture);

 - • 3 Months »  $90 price includes 1 month free;
 - • 6 Months » $180 price inludes  2 monhts free;


Bronze Members - What you get:

- • Alert signal SYTEM SPX EOD at the end of the cash session.
If you don`t have most time to trade this is perfec for you.

Price:            - • 3 Months - 100$                  - • 6 Months - $250

If you have been getting my key area/analysis to trade for some time then you know the value of them if not check some stuff both web:
Contact:  Email to me:

Have a Great Year and Happy Consistent Trading

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