Friday, January 28, 2011

Topping Process - Full report Indexes and Forex Market - thank you DIV_PRO

Remember folks this update. Still valid.
Full report thought of last days.
Trend remain bullish above 1262 but important check div_pro indicator and area i mention last weeks.
Unable to close above 1297 and more important above 1324 expect close below 1262 first target 1220 short-term and next months target [1100,1140]. 
SPX500 vc. DIV_PRO can win again!? The Beast Smell Link to read full report

SPX - Weekly Market Thought - DIF_PRO Overbought - More is Lucky Link to read full report
SPX Last thought Daily chart Link to read fill report
SPX Gann and Andrews Pitchfork - potential price confluences  Link to read full report

Quick Update on the NDX Monthly chart Price Confluence
Unable to close above confluence area monthly chart 2340 expect short-term target [2240,2190].
Close daily below 2190 expect 2090 and next [1940,1920] Link to read full report

Wanted to share another “Chart Art”.
Really important follow weekly and monthly because they show us relevant area we should focus and trade.
Big fight bulls/bears last sessions. Key level [7077,7190].
Unable to close weekly above 7190 close below 6820 first target [6480,6570] next 6350.

CAC Daily 19012011 Make it simples - Clean and to the point II
Pattern last months remain intact so make it simples, clean and to the Point target short-term[4017,4041].
link to read full report

India`s Sensex Double Top Formation Target 17400.
Close daily below 18800 win momentum downside.
Bears need to close daily below 18800 ( near ema200/ trendline/ gap) to win momentum dowside first target [18000,17890].
Close daily below lower 17890 expect 17400 target double top formation, possible extension 16800. Follow bearish view short-term if sensex remain below 20025 daily to read full report

EURUSD balance between 1.29 and 1.35.
Weekly close above 1.3536 possible will test 1.3750 or ever 1.3962, but below 1.3536 trend remain bearish and soon or later EURUSD will test 1.26 area.
Close above 1.3535 next confirmation next week with a close above this week high.
If close above this week and didn`t have confirmation next week call  TOP so unable to break resistance first target 1.32 next 1.26.

GBPUSD Bullish and bearish view next months

GOLD - Losing Momentum last weeks. Key Levels and Target
Gold remain sideways last 8 weeks. Beas remain bullish long and medium term but short-term i´ll follow bearish view because gold losing momentum last weeks and remain unable to close daily above 1387.50 and more important above 1424.80. Target 1330 next 1290. Read full report

Crude remain bullish medium term above 69.53 and bullish short-term above 80.78.
Testing last sessions important resistance between [92.11,94,42].
Losing momentum last weeks with Bearish divergence last two highs I suspect possible will see top major or minor top between range [92.11, 94.42] next sessions.Unable to close above 94.42 daily chart expect new test range [87.12,88.12].
With a close below 87.12 expect new test ema200 near 83.10 next weeks. Click to read full report


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