Saturday, January 15, 2011

SPX - Weekly Market Thought - DIF_PRO Overbought - More is Lucky

Trend remain bullish but look to indicador DIF PRO.
With this close weekly  DONE more is lucky. SPX near new Major or Minor Top.
Overbought conditions caution longs don`t expect large increases, don`t get too excited.
Target the same nothing change can have more 2 % up expect 1297 or with lucky extension to 1324.
Bears will appear to scratch a little bulls pullback coming.
But with POMO all rules are off . . . mybe... last see later. System work just fine last 7 years.
Can be different now? Folks just buy the freakin dips, oh but there aren't any. lololo
Click to zoom in. Good luck folks.
Can see what i expect next 3 months HERE and to see system SPX  HERE
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Good luck folks and have a great weekend.


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