Sunday, January 30, 2011

SPX sold 1291 + 85 pts. Still long 70% Position.

I am not immediately turning bearish for intermediate term, still long 85% position from 1206, system remaim bullish above 1272 but DIV_PRO alert potential Major or Minor top  time to reduce risk.
Taking some 86 points profit  longs from 1206.
System will close all position if close below 1271.
Can check here all updates system SPX EOD.
More update indexes and all updates system SPX if you trade forex check last thoughts.
Click to zoom in. Good luck folks.


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  1. I agree that bulls still have a chance here if they push the market up on Monday. My timing system involves EMA 25 crossing EMA 50 on hourly chart. They are very close but the crossing didn't happen yet. I am going to get the "sell" signal at about the same value as your system, around 1270. My timing system is for intermediate time frame, of course. Long term remains bullish. More details on my blog.


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