Wednesday, January 19, 2011

SPX - Daily Market Thought 19012011

Above 1262 trend daily chart remain bullish target range [1297,1324] possible top. If 1297 is the top need confirmation with a close daily chart below 1262.

Suport Area:
Daily -1220, 1235,1262 and 1278; 
60 minutes - 1272,1278

Resistances Area:
Daily - 1297 and 1324;
60 minutes - 1290

If close daily below 1262 will call done. And DIF_PRO win again and this thought SPX - Weekly Market Thought - DIF_PRO Overbought - More is Lucky .
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1 comment:

  1. Excellent day to make some profit ...
    In walking on the waves, SPX ended the day at the bottom. Very good for what was to short day-trading. Will start dealgo more interesting?

    I've closed for the short and long open ones.
    Will it tomorrow again to the crest of the wave?



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