Saturday, January 9, 2016

EURUSD Potential Bullish Formation

First Invert Head Shoulders build and print target last week push price  EURUSD to 1.0930.
Pullback friday build another IHS now with target 1.1124 minimum( If use HL target is a bite more.).

:  1.0958 / 1.0973 and 1.1025(huge)
Suport : 1.0865 and 1.0993

Target 1.1124 minimum can extend to 1.1170 Idea/setup valid above 1.0840 but to far from friday close so setup is valid if unable to close 30m below 1.0893.

Stops to clean (pool party) sitting at 1.0993.

No surprise if gap above trendline early next week.
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