Sunday, February 13, 2011

SPX Market Report and Economic Data for Monday 14/02/2011

Finally break higher band of the range that i mention last months to potentila minor or major top [1297,1324] .
 If you traders read last market report i said about short-term 60 minutes chart " Above range [1317,1320] and more important above 1309 buyers control expect test 1331 possible extension 1335." Thursday and Friday market test key level suport and reversal to test target 60 minutes chart.
Not try to guess the top trade what you see not what you think.  Is sellers can reversal hourly impossible reversal daily chart. We focus hourly chart last sessions and last friday we made more 12 points ES_F to members .

Commentary Daily chart SPX500 EOD - Swing trader
Above 1271 trend remain bullish close daily and weekly above 1324 next key level area  [1344,1364].
Still valid potential bearish divergence price vc indicator daily.

Area Daily chart - Position
Suport - 1220, 1235, [1259,1262] and 1271
Resistance – 1344, 1350, 1356 and 1364

Commentary 60 minutes chart SPX500 EOD - Day trader
Above range [1317,1319] and more important above 1309 buyers control.
Expect test 1331 possible extension 1335 and good changes reversal and back to test last resistance now suport area 1323,1325 if break possible extension to 1318/19.
Close 60 minutes below 1309 expect 1301 possible extension [1294,1298]
Resistance next 1331 and 1335

Area 60 minutes Chart – Daytrading
Suport - 1281,1287,1294,1298,1309,1317 and 1320 and 1324
Resistance – 1331 and 1335,1345,1350 and 1356
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