Tuesday, February 1, 2011

SPX Market Report and Economic Data for Wednesday 02/02/2011

SPX hold key level suport daily chart 1271. Buyers for now control  daily chart, no confirmation that 1304 is the top .New highs today 1308.86 but with this close can have here potential bearish divergence price vc indicator (same scenario that we alert Thursday 27/01/2011  before drop 30 pts.
Sellers have control 60 minutes chart  resistance  remain intact 1287.50 and more important [1292,1295]. Sellers still  have changes break 1271 and give us advice that  more damage coming. 
Buyers close 60 minutes above 1295 and open the door to new highs.

Commentary Daily chart SPX500 EOD - Swing trader

New highs today but with this close can have here potential bearish divergence price vc indicator.
Above 1271 trend remain bullish target range [1297,1324] possible  minor or major top next months.
Next resistance 1310,1324 and 1350.
Area Daily chart - Position

Suport - 1220, 1235, [1259,1262] and 1271
Resistance –  1310, 1324, 1350;

Commentary 60 minutes chart SPX500 EOD - Day trader

Above 1298 and more important above 1294 (today open) buyers control.
Next resistance [1307,1310] next 1317

. Area 60 minutes Chart – Daytrading

Suport - 1220, 1235, [1259,1262] and 1271
Resistance –  [1307,1310] next 1317
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Economic Data/Events week 31-04 /02
 ADP employment report;
- Weekly Jobless claims;
- Q4 Productivity;
- Factory orders;
- ISM services;
- Monthly Payrolls report with the Unemployment rate.



  1. Is there any way you can post some form of trackrecord? I have read your site recently and many of your calls are way off the mark. It would be good to see this emperically
    Eg GBPUSD which you kept highlighting as likely to fall/H&S pattern etc. Here we are much higher
    Crdue Oil...not quite getting to the $81-$82 target you mentioned
    S&P 1100-1200 in the next few months. I don't quite see this in your latest comments
    Gold falling to 1280. Think you posted this when gold was 1310 and its rallied since

    Latest call. Dax short at 7180. We will see.

  2. Hello Sir.
    Suprise suprise your comment was accepted.

    Better you check all thoughts.

    GBPUSD is true.Didn`t work. Can`t work 100%. I`m not God but i work with key levels to put analysis valid or not. Break area invalid thought simple.
    Better check here first post GBPUSD
    Trade plan gbpusd http://marketrend-forex.blogspot.com/2011/01/cable-trade-plan-position-open-this.html
    GBPUSD drop 1.5775 and we move stop b/e.


    Sir you didn`t see sell off from 93 to 85.50.
    you didn`t read my thoguht better check .... i don`t want to call you a liar.
    ALL thought crude here first alert

    Crude remain bullish medium term above 69.53 and bullish short-term above 80.78.
    Testing last sessions important resistance between [92.11,94,42].
    Losing momentum last weeks with Bearish divergence last two highs I suspect possible will see top major or minor top between range [92.11, 94.42] next sessions.Unable to close above 94.42 daily chart expect new test range 87.12,88.12].
    With a close below 87.12 expect new test ema200 near 83.10 next weeks.
    Bullish view hold next pullback above 87.12 and break 94.42 expect 99.30 next weeks."

    I never mention 81-82 that is a liar and big. Never mention 81-82.

    SPX i don`t change ntohing expext top between [1297 and 1327]
    System here still long 50% stop all position if close daily below 1271.
    Sir you didn`t read last thought impossible or another liar.
    Daily chart for now bullish didn`t you read that last weeks.
    Better check last thoughts about SPX
    Yes i see that we see here a top major or minor.
    My DIV_PRO never fall last 6 years.
    Can run more 5-10-15-25 above my 1327 spx done, this is the top.

    GOLD another "liar".
    If you check first alert gold.
    Analysis price 1359 lows next session 1309 now 1338. First taeget/range that i mention fill and done.
    DAX mybe you don`t know this area but here we work hard sir and alert key levels.
    Any problem open short at 7180 later we will see the profit.
    Better you know the levels
    Angels and Demons

    Have a great week and sir tell the the truth ever.


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