Sunday, February 20, 2011

GOLD - So far so good. New highs coming soon or later

Nothing change last week. We reduce risk and close  positiion from 1337> 1366(+29) and 1380(+43).
Members add longs:

1337 -> Sold 50% =1366 and more 50% at 1380
1340 - Sold 50% = If fill 1415 and more 50% at 1450
1355 - Sold 50% = If fill 1500 and more 50%  at 1590

I suspect that gold possible will reversal around 1390 mybe 1395 but i`m not looking to short-term setup.
We reduce risk but, we area buyers next pullback around this levels or higher we will add more gold but for now with indicators overbought important only reduce risk with good gains next order 1415.



  1. Short the Euro and GBP (aka Fiber and Cable), see charts for strong resistance.

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