Thursday, November 18, 2010

SPX - refresh 60 m chart - Fibonacci Arcs 18112010

Click to zoom in. Good luck folks.



  1. It's a beautiful Full Moon, and Euro rising on bailout!

    From the land of WTF?

    Ireland, after just days before, steadfastly denying it needs financial help, is forced to accept help.

    Down below, please review the S&P 500, especially the Fib Fan from the Great Depression and the Big 61 Fibo, both now in play, both extremely bearish

    And the Euro overall up on that news. Very odd. Perhaps what they nicely refer to as an exhaustion top/spike. Which basically means a last minute manipulation before the real direction is set.

    NZD as a currency got hammered in Sunday action, against all others that I viewed.
    I was snaked out of my copper short, and glad I had stop in place. Somehow I got a decent fill on a gap up. Again, with Eurozone blowing up I was surprised that USD down and copper up.

    Went back in short copper at a higher price---based on the PRS kickdown shown in this blog last week.

    Scanning the futures and FX, I really don't see anything "obvious".

    Expiry was last Friday, and often the Monday after sees some serious moves as the market gets back to normal.

    STRATEGY: set some orders to activate either long or short based upon a move. For ES (S&P 500 futures) I will accept an 8 point move beyond the entry point as profit stop. And a 1.25 point stop as a loss.

    I get alot of periodicals. This one called Assembly is hilarious. Upset Zombie Workers, on the production line.

    And here it is, the Fib Fan from Great Depression

  2. Bulls are challenging the intermediate time frame momentum which doesn't look that bearish anymore but it's rather neutral at this point. Dollar on the other hand is almost giving a "buy" signal.

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  5. I have long been amazed that what I consider to be "basic data" can be so hard to come by. Ask your realtor for a time series of prices in a certain neighborhood, and they will look at you like you are from Mars. Why? Well because this is a good time to sell (insert vacacious reason of whim here) and this is a good time to buy (insert vacacious reason of whim here), so historical pricing makes no sense.

    Try to get good data on the indices going back a hundred years....good luck.

    Even getting commodity prices is a feat. Wish I still had access to the full on Bloomberg, but alas that is no more. Costs around $30,000 a year, I had it for free.

    So here is the project. Search out and upload "Real Data Series" of all sorts, and post them as direct downloads on Hawaii Trading.

    You got Data? Send it over, I will post it up. Knowledge can be freedom and power. Let's create freedom and power, for free.

    First chart / Excel is by me (Courtesy of the Perth Mint). This chart data is down-loadable in Excel at Hawaii Trading. Within 2 months, my goal is to have 25 spreadsheets with valuable data, available for free.

    The Excel format is sloppy, it took me 30 minutes to whip it into this shape as they had odd date formatting.


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