Sunday, August 29, 2010

SPX - Intraday, Daily and Weekly Market Thought

I hope this chart can help.
Click to zoom in. Good luck Folks.
Now can check forex reports -New web page  here:

SPX - Daily this is the range that we follow last weeks
SPX Daily - This is the bearish view. Above 1079 expect test top
 of the range or numbers of false breakout check chart 1
SPX Daily - Last swing and what can we expect for this week
SPX Weekly - Bullish and Bearish
SPX Weekly - Last 7 years

SPX Weekly - Last 3 years


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  1. Gets me nervous when I am in tune with this fractured blimpy market. Just because I am paranoid, does not mean that HBB is not out to get my money.

    Joking aside, the main currencies that I am following, the British Pound, aka Cable, and the Euro are sneaking upward, dragging SPX with them. In reality they kind of drag each other, sometimes SPX (or /ES futures) leads. When they diverge greatly, something big is up.

    Europe open tonight should be instructive. In keeping with the market maneuvers since the "Great Recession" started, continue to expect significant moves in the market on the weekends, holidays, or nighttime trading. Those are the same times the Black Swan will show up.

    We all can use a good spotter at times.


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