Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SPX - Daily Market Thought 16062010

Blue Trendline tuesday (15/06) sitting 1098.05 >> Broke this trend today
Waiting overbought conditions to see market reaction > True Now
Key area [1100,1106] >> Above Close > this range
Key level 1115 reversal trend short-term > The close today
The last thoughts i expect test range [1113,1115] > Close today
If this view is correct market will reversal next session.
Key level dowside 1077 > Change this number to 1089
Suport: range [1077,1082] and 1090
Can see the last thought daily chart
Can see the last update weekly and monthly
Vix close today  key number 25.88 weekly chart. Let see the close friday, last update  Vix - Weekly chart
Click to zoom in. Good luck folks.


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