Monday, April 5, 2010

Hello Palma de Maiorca....

Vacations in Palma de Maiorica this week. I apologize for not updating the blog as usual.
Market nothing new last days, follow the trend:
SPX next resistance 1192 follow last update. Above suport area nothing new expect this market above 1220 this month.
NDX next resistance 2010 made first target that we put here last week (1970) can extend this moviment to 2010.
DAX next resistance 5256 expect this month 5400.
Gold stay alert if close above 1135 breakout that area daily close expect 1156 again.
I have to go now. Catch you guys next sunday.
Crude nothing new natural target 86 next resistance daily chart range [90,92] above 79 that is natural target this month.
Great week of trade for all.

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