Monday, March 22, 2010


Open today near suport area SPX500 range [1150,1156]= ½ -> 1153 open 1054 and NDX100 range [1920,1926]= ½ ->1923 open today 1926 expect new high target short term spx > 1170 expect 1175 and NDX100 above 1952 expect 1970 ( Next resistance area. Last update SPX500 daily chart here and NDX daily chart here .

Put/call at the high of the session for now 0.91 open 0.73. and vix up 1% -> 17.14, open at high of the session (big gap) around 18.30.

Possible bearish divergence SPX500 daily chart underway, but remember first condition we need new highs above last week ->> Pattern bearish example here .

Good luck. New chart DAX after close europe.



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