Thursday, February 11, 2010

Some Notes....

In this moment i don`t have any position ( close today all my positions first 30 minutes after US open). SPX until now any reversal signal short-term. Possible will open short again if break important suport area.
I don`t like stay short around 1060 area.First hour of trading spx hold again [1055,1060]. I worte ( road map) 1055 very important suport. Bulls need close spx daily above 1074 to open door to attack 1082.
Only with a close above 1082 i will expect a test [1100,1104] again ( nothing new here). Put/call first 2 hours of trading around 1 ( 1.14,1.03,0.99 and end of second hour 0.99) and vix 24.72 ( - 2.68). Stay alert with gold resistance around 1092-1094 area.
New updates more later. Good luck. Cheers!!