Saturday, January 23, 2010

SPX - We're In A Secular Bear Market. 1040 Key Number

We're In A Secular Bear Market Like Japan.
Long term view - TOP 1150 -
If this is the Top and I believe it, when look this chart, we had last year a pullback of a BIG BEAR MARKET SECULAR. why??
Chart we have two indicators - EMA and RTS.
EMA if price close > EMA --> Bull Market
If price close < EMA --> Bearish
RTS give me confirmation Bull Market or Bear Mrket.
Beas until now neutral because price above EMA but RTS below yellow.
If price close montly below EMA change beas neutral long term to >> Bear Market.
If close this month below low of last month (1085.89) win momentum to test EMA 1040.