Thursday, January 28, 2010

Some Notes!!

My computer crash just like markets today.
I had and have problems with my computer last two days.
Can follow targets and resistance that I made last updates.
Some indexes had broke some important suport.
Euro - stay alert this area 1.3940,60 suport weekly. Possible pullback here, but my target coming sessions it`s the same 1.3750.
Nasdaq100 change resistance from 1859 daily close to 1824 target the same 1667
Nikkei testing suport area close weekly below can expect more downside.
Bovespa remember "Below 64.300 ( daily close) expect 57.000 possible extension 55000.".
Dax -Second target around the corner. Close only 30 above that target.
Ftse last see if bulls can push this market and close weekly above 5197 ( I don`t thing so).
SPX nothing new - Last update I wrote "possible divergence daily and hourly need to close above 1106 to reversal trend". High of last night was 1106. Waiting target remember 1075 (today until now 1078.50) and second 1045 + - (EMA200).
1085 Important daily, weekly and monthly ( was the low last monthly), but i have to follow trend short-term. If i follow trend bearish only have to look for ressitances. If we have Bearish trend hold suport don`t change beas can help, but bulls need to break resistance.
Below resistance, break suport area it`s just like question of time, nothing more.
Follow trend and left profit run. Good Luck. Cheers!!