Thursday, June 25, 2009

SPX - Update Daily and Hourly

Close today 920.26(+19.32)
Spx close below 935 so nothing new.
Below 935 I expect [790,820] medium term.

Today break 911 hourly/daily and is now testing important resistance.
I suspected yesterday that the market should go up, because if you see my post/chart spx had divergence bullish stochastic daily.
So now bulls will try to break this important range [935-921].

I suspected that spx will turn around soon.
Don`t forget today vix fall 15% and made new lows of the year again = This is very bery bearish I see spx only at 920 made 956.
Important tomorrow watch macd hourly. New sell signal macd hourly with confirm lower high and we will testing again range [880-893] or we will break last down swing and see my medium term target [790-820.

Suport 910 resistance between [935-921]

Trades big picture
Open Last week short at 941 close 902 (80% of my position) and I will initiating short positions again.
See the table of trades at the end of the blog.
Any position of trading I will post here realtime.
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