Saturday, June 27, 2009

NDX - Update Daily and Hourly

Last Friday ndx close (1480.20)=(+4.38) close above 1475 but I have to follow another resistance before high of the year. Number is 1487.

Below 1487 I expect [1230,1260] medium term.
Suport important big picture [1390,1410]

Important Monday
-Resistance Hourly [1480,1487].
-Suport 1466 and 1435.
-Control MACD hourly and 1466.
MACD near new sell signal.
Close hourly below 1466 we will see 1435 and bears will try to attack important suport [1390-1410].

Plan for Monday.
Open more short if:
New sell signal macd hourly and close hourly above 1466 rule number 3,4,6.
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Add two more charts
AAPL:QQQQ top of the range;
Gain/losses ndx friday. Look who many points gived AAPL last session.